Sajid Athikkay, Co-founder of DAZOQ and Leonardo Zlatanovic, Sales Executive, on Väderstad's pitch day in 2022.

In September 2022, startup DAZOQ pitched at IndX in Väderstad. Now, a year later, they have been working with both Väderstad and Siemens Energy, testing their solution to help the companies become more energy efficient.

It all started a year ago when DAZOQ pitched at IndX pitch day, hosted by Väderstad. Quite immediately, Siemens Energy showed a keen interest in teaming up with the startup and Väderstad soon followed.

“We started testing with Siemens Energy soon after our pitch and helped them track down energy thieves in their turbine manufacturing plant in Finspång. Today, they are our customers,” says Leonardo Zlatanovic, Sales Manager at DAZOQ.

Pilot test with Väderstad Components

Väderstad was interested in DAZOQ’s solution and started testing at Väderstad Components (VCAB) in Överum where they manufacture hardened wear parts for Väderstad’s agricultural machines. A pilot test with ten sensors was set up to gather data that could be analyzed to find ways to save energy when operating Väderstad’s machines. By collecting data over a three-month period, DAZOQ could compile information about possible improvements for energy savings. 

“For us, the measurement from DAZOQ has been an important step in our systematic energy work. The equipment was easy to handle, and the interface provided a good overview,” says Linda Svensson, quality and environment coordinator at VCAB.

Gaining valuable insights and feedback to improve the performance of the product

Leonardo says that they’ve learned many things from their collaboration with Väderstad. One example is to expand the supply of logins for DAZOQ’s service and adjust to specific needs that the user may have.

“Each company has its unique requirements, making it important to align with the specific needs of the other company. In this case, one challenge that we had to solve was to determine the optimal placement and method for installing the sensors to collect data measurement,” Leonardo says, reflecting on how new collaborations and challenges help enhance your product or service.

Teaming up with global partners strengthens the brand

Working with two global companies comes with great benefits for smaller companies like DAZOQ, increasing their width and depth of knowledge in other areas.  

“IndX has helped us to strengthen our brand. Siemens and Väderstad are two major players when it comes to innovation and it is important as a startup to run close to giants in order to improve and learn. But it is also fulfilling and important to highlight the value we as a startup can provide and contribute with to bigger companies,” he ends with.