Watch Martin Helmfrid talk about Saab’s challenge for IndX 2023


To see without being seen, that’s Saab’s challenge for IndX 2023. Superior information, quick decision-making, and multiple sources of information are key elements of Saab’s industrial products. 

“Our challenge to you, is to show how your technology, knowledge, algorithms or other products and skills can support the superior knowledge or fast decision-making in a contestant environment,” says Martin Helmfrid, Head of Technology Strategy at Saab.

Saab is looking for technologies that could support them in:

  • Combined sensor functions
  • Object classification in real-time
  • 3D visualization in real-time
  • Multispectral camouflage
  • Hear without being overheard

Apply to IndX before October 22nd and get the chance to be selected for our next pitch day hosted by Saab!