The City as a Testbed – testing green ideas in Linköping

Learn more about our progress with test bed vouchers by reading our folder. Since 2022, Linköping Science Park is the project leader of distributing numerous vouchers that have given companies the ability to test in Linköping municipality. The goal is to support small to medium-sized companies in developing innovative solutions, while also acting as a bridge between these companies and municipal companies to foster relationships and collaboration. This could be done in the whole city of Linköping or in innovative urban areas of Ebbepark and Vallastaden.

”The testbed vouchers provide several benefits: they encourage initiatives that lead societal development in the right direction. They demonstrate that good ideas are taken seriously, and at the same time, they improve the municipality’s contact with the business community,” says Ulrika Johansson, Linköping Science Park.

The vouchers are distributed by Linköping municipality to promote the development of solutions that contribute to a more climate-neutral Linköping, within the framework of Climate Neutral Linköping and Viable Cities. Linköping Science Park is a part that helps distribute the vouchers and market the application opportunity.


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