Tech Tuesday is an opportunity to learn more about the technology that the companies in Linköping Science Park are working with and developing.

Dates for 2020

  • September 22: Combitech
  • October 13: Sectra
  • November 3: Nira
  • November 24: SICK
  • December 15: Ericsson

On this page, we collect the filmed keynotes.

Tech Tuesday is a collaboration between Ericsson, Combitech, Sectra, SICK IVP and Nira Dynamics.

Ericsson: Trendspotting – 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2030 – The Internet of Senses

SICK: Deep Learning for Industrial Machine Vision – Game Changer or just a Flash in the Pan?

NIRA Dynamics: Massive scale data from connected cars with the power of changing industries.

Sectra: Cyber vultures & how cybercriminals benefit from calamity

Combitech: Solid State Microwave Oven will revolutionize the way we cook and more…

The presentation can be viewed here.

Sectra: future trends of cybersecurity within healthcare


NIRA Dynamics presenting Road Health

Curious in previous presentations? Have a look here!