Soldering + beer, what could that be you may think? Ulrika, Anna, and Julia from Linköping Science Park got to try exactly that at Wolfram MathCore and MindRoad’s “Lödöl” where students got to boost their soldering skills.

With a slight hiatus due to the pandemic, the soldering evenings are up and running once again. Wolfram MathCore and MindRoad teamed up to arrange an evening where students were invited to Wolfram MathCore’s office to learn about the fine art of soldering.

Here, the students got to solder the Arduino Nano and other components onto a circuit board to create a temperature and humidity meter that could be connected to a computer to track the room’s temperature and humidity. A very hands-on way of providing a practical and interactive method to learn about the possibilities of soldering and programming.

“It’s really all about what your fantasy lets you do. For example, you can program it as a gamepad for computer games if you want,” says Jan Brugård, CEO of Wolfram Mathcore.

The team from Wolfram MathCore and MindRoad.

Getting to know each other over a beer

Apart from the educational aspect, events like these also provide companies with a valuable opportunity to meet and interact with students. As Åsa Detterfelt, CEO at MindRoad notes, 

“When combining activity and conversation, we can discuss master thesis work and summer internships in a relaxed environment. Education is part of MindRoad’s offerings as we offer advanced training in the development of embedded systems and IT systems,” she says.

Attracting and retaining talent – putting the companies in Linköping Science Park on the map

Anna Broeders, Talent Attraction and Community Manager at Linköping Science Park believe these types of arrangements is great for both parties to find each other and put the tech companies in the park on display.

“It’s an opportunity for companies to establish connections with possible future employees and retain talent in the region. Many students haven’t even been to Mjärdevi, which is literally on the other side of the road, or a “stenkast” from campus as we say in Swedish,” says Anna.

Attending these types of events can be an amazing opportunity for companies to showcase their unique offerings and attract top talent who share their vision for the future. 


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About Wolfram MathCore

Wolfram Mathcore is part of Wolfram Research, one of the world’s most respected computer, web, and cloud software companies, as well as a powerhouse of scientific and technical innovation. Wolfram MathCore offers a model-based system engineering approach to drive insight, innovation, and results as well as data analytics, algorithm development, and system design.


About MindRoad

MindRoad works with competencies around software development, IT consulting, and digital transformation working with clients in a variety of industries. MindRoad’s goal is to enhance its customer’s competitiveness by developing software systems and competencies for companies that are market leaders in their industries.

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