Climate change, digitalization, and improved health among citizens create higher demands on the workforce’s skills. This, in turn, increases demands on lifelong learning.

There is no doubt that lifelong learning is vital for Sweden and Östergötland. The need for skills development, digitalization, skills shortages of skilled workforce, young people’s choice of education and profession, and difficulties in matching those outside the labor market with the jobs available are addressed in most reports, networks, and other contexts. Therefore, finding sustainable solutions to the problems becomes even more critical.

In 2021, Linköping’s Science Park and Skill conducted a preparatory study on Lifelong Learning with support from the ESF. We have sought answers to several general questions and hope that all industries can use the survey results. The study is limited to the two major sectors we know best, IT and industry, to find methods and working methods to increase lifelong learning. At the same time, we have examined a large group of individuals’ attitudes towards lifelong learning. We have read reports on the subject and had meetings with knowledgeable people from different organizations.

You can read the final report on the link below. Our intention is that the report can be used in future announcements and projects.

Download the report here (in Swedish)