We are looking for technologies and solutions that enable Väderstad’s machines to be smart and connected while the tractor is autonomously driven.

We’re rapidly entering a future of autonomously driven tractors. To compensate for what is today done by the farmer, Väderstad’s machines therefore must become smarter as well. This means solutions in connectivity and automation, such as sensors to scan fields and crops, are critical for their and the farmers’ success, in order for the machine to control and optimize its performance automatically. 

Diagnostics and perception are two main areas where startup solutions are needed, and where Väderstad hope to find new innovations with IndX.


To support autonomous agriculture, intelligent technologies are essential for identifying and predicting component failures. The aim is to find solutions that can anticipate these issues through predictive maintenance and data-driven diagnostics. Machine learning models will analyze data to detect potential failures, while model-based diagnostics will identify any abnormal machine behavior.


When it comes to perception, the focus is on value object identification, monitoring results, and machine field performance. Currently, machines are operated by tractor drivers, but in the future, autonomous drivers will take over.

“This means that the machine needs to effectively control and optimize its performance using sensor technology and intelligent systems,” explains Joakim Freyschuss R&D Business Developer at Väderstad.

However, it’s important to note that both approaches can work together. Väderstad is interested in exploring new smart sensors that can be combined with existing ones (sensor fusion) for implementation within their organization and products. Apart from sensors, other technologies, such as platforms and AI systems that can support the control and optimization of machines is of interest.  


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