AI Sweden’s mission is to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden and one way to do so is by creating arenas for knowledge sharing. Therefore AI Sweden has launched an expert group for infrastructure managed by Niclas Fock, Node Manager of AI Sweden East.

Niclas Fock, Node Manager, AI Sweden East.

– In agreement with National Supercomputer Center, we have agreed that AI Sweden set up this new focus group for sharing know how and experiences, shares Niclas.

The members of the group will be able to share knowledge and experiences around building and operating larger, multi-user AI centers for research and development. The network will identify common challenges, needs and interests and build knowledge in an unexplored domain in order to accelerate learning, use and secure, efficient operations. This will increase the possibilities of collaboration, and connect key resources across Sweden. 

-I am very happy that we now can start to connect the most important AI Computing Centers in Sweden in a network which will significantly help to improve the speed of establishment and scaling of these important resources, that are crucial for accelerating applied AI in Sweden. Building knowledge in strategic areas like this are best made in collaboration where we can share best practice and help each other in this common mission, says Niclas.

Want to engage?

If you are a partner to AI Sweden and interested in participating, please contact us or read more here.