On Sustainable Science Park day, a day devoted to sustainable travelling and mobility, we finally get to share the report on the project Grön Resplan! The report shows many positive results, such as:

  • The number of employees who travel by car to work to Linköping Science Park has decreased by 10% since 2017.
  • Cyclists has increased by 4%, which corresponds to an increase of about 500 cyclists since the last survey.
  • The number of employees who carpool has increased by 5%.
  • Employees traveling by public transport (local and regional) has increased by 3%.

Read the full report here!


The work with Grön Resplan Mjärdevi began in the autumn of 2016 after the Municipal Executive Board granted the project and added resources. The project was anchored with representatives from the municipally owned company Linköping Science Park, the property owners and the larger companies in the area.

Transport accounts for almost a third of total carbon dioxide emissions and a wide range of measures is needed to reduce transport’s negative climate impact. The work with the Grön Resplan enabled Linköping Science Park to start working for the municipality’s climate goal, to be Carbon Neural in 2025, in a concrete way. During January-February 2017, a digital travel survey was conducted for all employees in Mjärdevi. It was spread mainly through the property owners to the companies who in turn passed it on to their employees. With this travel habits survey and the subsequent CERO analysis as a basis, through several different workshops, Grön Resplan Mjärdevi was created with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from commuting and business travel by 15%.