As part of Linköping’s major investment in Cyber security, Linköping University will start a master’s degree on this subject in the autumn of 2023.

We took the opportunity to ask four quick questions to Mikael Asplund, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Linköping University.

When to apply for this program?
– We are opening for applications this autumn and the deadline is January for international students and April for Swedish students. The program will admit 30 students to begin with, with the hope that we can expand in the future.

What will the training include?
– It will be the whole scale from the bottom up, technical cyber security, software security, network security up to organizational security, where we look at how organizations work, including the human aspect.

How did you manage to develop the education so quickly?
 We had the pleasure of already having a lot of competence on this topic and had already several courses in the area, so we only had to develop four completely new courses.

Given the great interest for cyber security in the world, what are your expectations, how do you think the program will be received?
– We hope that many people find this interesting and exciting, and we usually fill up our programs without any problems. We believe that we will succeed here as well and we look forward to extra talented and motivated students.


Read more about the program here