Husqvarna Group hosted the second IndX pitch day in Huskvarna, together with other partner companies Väderstad, Toyota Material Handling, and Saab, featuring a lineup of innovative startups. Pitching startups were ManoMotion, Sally Security Ally, SenseNet, Applied Brain Research, AIRY3D, and Haze Automotive. The focus this day was on sensor data as it is Husqvarna’s identified main challenge.

We got to listen to a range of captivating presentations, highlighting various aspects of sensor data. Topics covered included the potential risks posed by blind spots for companies, the development of cameras capable of predicting hazardous work situations, brain-inspired AI systems, innovative carbon fiber technology, and the application of IoT in wildfire prevention.

“The day offered many great discussions between the startups and exchanging ideas between our corporate partners. It was amazing seeing Husqvarna Group’s site and inspiring products. Eager to see what collaborations may come out from the day,” says Robin Eriksson, Project Manager for IndX. 

Looking ahead, the next pitch day is scheduled to take place at Väderstad. The upcoming event will focus towards driverless tractor drivers, presenting a new set of challenges to be tackled. The spotlight will be on designing intelligent systems that utilize sensor technology to control and optimize the performance of these machines autonomously. You can read more about the challenge here.


Apply for the upcoming pitch day at Väderstad in September here!