Over 40 students attended the Student Meetup hosted by AI Sweden. The focus was on how AI can be used in business today. After a brief introduction from Linköping Science Park and AI Sweden, Daniel Forsberg from Sectra, Mari Ahlquist from iMatrics, and Sajid Athikkay together with Anitha Rajasekaran from DAZOQ told us about how they work with AI in their organizations. We heard about how iMatrics work with tagging media articles, how Sectra uses AI to support radiologists, and how DAZOQ’s solution supports energy consumption management in industries.

Last but not least, Elliot Gestrin from FIA Robotics presented their student union and how students can engage in AI and robotics outside school time.

We also had the pleasure to welcome CognAC, a student association at Radboud University, from the Netherlands! CognAC is a study association for Cognitive Science students interested in artificial intelligence.

Watch the live stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DENGbGbUCUI