AI development is rapidly advancing and media reports on its progress are appearing daily. With the introduction of Chat GPT and other AI tools, there is a growing concern about the potential ethical dangers of AI. East Sweden Tech Women and AI Sweden have teamed up to discuss the importance of knowledge about biased AI and how we could use AI to improve equality, instead of letting it do the opposite.  

On May 23rd, East Sweden Tech Women and AI Sweden invite Ericka Johnson, Professor of Gender and Society at Linköping University, for an evening where we dive deeper into the ethics of AI and how AI can be used to improve equality in sectors and organizations.

We will discuss how AI – like all technology – is influenced by the norms and values that exist in society, and how it can affect certain individuals. Even though the intention behind AI development is usually good, there still remains the pressing question of how to ensure that it benefits everyone. Ericka will speak about how AI can be utilized to improve solutions and conditions across various sectors and organizations.

“When technology escapes the ‘lab’ into the wild, it brings with it preconceived ideas from its designers and developers, but it is also changed by new users and uses. This is particularly true of AI. Our interactions with AI tools are, if anything, developing the technology even more quickly than the rapid-fire releases of new versions from the developers. We can actively think about how we engage and align these tools in our homes and workplaces,” says Ericka.

By addressing these questions, the event aims to highlight the importance of the consequences of biased data.

“It is important to bring these perspectives to the table as technology is used by many of us, but often designed with limited perspectives. We need to spread the knowledge and learn how to use the technology to increase diversity and inclusion,” says Annette Bystedt, Node Manager at AI Sweden.  

East Sweden Tech Women

The event is organized by East Sweden Tech Women, a newly established network that strives to foster connections among women and non-binary individuals working in the tech industry. The organization is facilitated by Linköping Science Park and is dedicated to organizing events aimed at promoting professional development and facilitating opportunities for like-minded individuals to meet and network with one another.

“We are eagerly anticipating the first event since the relaunch of East Sweden Tech Women, a network that will undoubtedly make an impact. We are open to co-organizing events with companies and organizations, as well as creating events based on the needs and requests of the network. So if you have any ideas for topics and forums, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us” says Julia Bergman, East Sweden Tech Women. 


About Ericka Johnson

Ericka is Professor of gender and society at Linköping University. Her research focuses on how technology articulates unspoken meanings, highlights cultural values, and reinforces subtle ideas. She is currently researching fairness and representation in synthetic data and, along with Dr. Katherine Harrison, on ethics, trust, and reliance in the relationship between humans and robots.


To explore this topic further, we invite you to join in on our evening dedicated to ethics and AI:

When: May 23rd

Where: Goto 10, Teknikringen 7, Linköping or join us online

Time: 17.00-19.00

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