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Lunch lecture

Tech Tuesday with NIRA

  • 9 April, 12:00-13:00
  • Goto 10, Teknikringen 7, Linköping
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Driving into the Future: Harnessing Software for Sustainable Vehicle Safety and Efficiency

Join us as Jörg Sturmhoebel, Product Manager within Wheel Safety at NIRA Dynamics, shares insights into revolutionizing tire pressure monitoring, how we have been replacing hardware with software and how we continue to push the boundaries of what software can do for vehicles.

Understand how software is catching up to and surpassing hardware and providing competitive advantages for car manufacturers integrating software-based TPMS, emphasizing its role in predictive maintenance and the future of onboard diagnostics.

Jörg will describe the evolution from hardware-based (dTPMS) to the next-generation software-based iTPMS, offering a sustainable and innovative approach to maintaining tire pressure. Explore how next-generation tire pressure monitoring contributes to fuel economy, reduced tire wear, and enhanced safety.

Also, we will deep-dive into the challenges and opportunities of introducing new software solutions to drivers, and how NIRA is leading the way in creating safer, more efficient driving experiences.

Furthermore, we will talk about NIRA Dynamics’ vision for the future of vehicle safety and the ongoing development towards the software-defined vehicle, as well as the importance of working hard with innovation in predictive maintenance and onboard diagnostics for autonomous and connected vehicles.

Participate digitally

It is also possible to participate digitally. The keynote will be broadcast live here and can be viewed afterwards. 

What is Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday explores the cutting edge of technology together with world-leading companies from Linköping Science Park. Our partners Ericsson, Sectra, Nira Dynamics, SICK and Combtech offer interesting lectures and a light lunch.