Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

Live Event: The Public Cloud Mixer

  • 24 November, 00:00
  • LINK Business Center – Gamla Tanneforsvägen 92 Linköping

The Public Cloud Mixer
For this awesome evening the three largest public cloud providers will be presenting for you here in Linköping!
Representatives from GCP, AWS and Azure will hold a session giving us a small overview of what their service offering is and how you can leverage them as a .NET developer.

In between talks there will be time to mingle, have some food and a drink.

Location: Link Business Center
Address: Gamla Tanneforsvägen 92, 582 54 Linköping
Time and date: 17.00, Thursday the 24:th of November
Language: English

17.00 Welcome
17.10 Intro
17.20 Lecture 1
18.10 Food & drinks
18.40 Lecture 2
19.30 Paus
19.45 Lecture 3

Food and drinks
We will be serving some mingle friendly food and drinks in between sessions. Food will be of a vegan variety and well try keep most allergens out of it. If you have an allergy you wish to tell us about, please us this form.

Sponsor: Voyado
We’ve been challenging the dragons in the customer loyalty, CRM and marketing automation area since 2005. One thing we know for sure, Voyado wouldn’t be the powerful platform it is without the people behind it! We focus on building the best customer loyalty platform for retailers and ecom who want to give their customers an outstanding experience.

Lecture 1 – From AWS
Alexander Dragunov, Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Alexander is a Senior Solutions Architect at AWS based in Stockholm. Alexander leverages his 20+ years experience in architecting and building applications to help AWS partners and customers for their long term technical enablement. His focus areas are Application and Database Modernization, .NET on AWS, Infrastructure as Code and Microsoft Workloads on AWS. In his spare time Alexander enjoys spending time with his family and traveling around the world with his camera.

Session – Introduction to .NET on AWS
In this demo-heavy session, Alexander will show the latest tools and services for developing .NET applications on AWS. He will use Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and JetBrains Rider to demo the tooling available and different ways to run .NET applications and integrate with various AWS services. He will cover ways to build and run serverless and containerized applications as well as show how to move legacy .NET applications to the cloud.

Lecture 2 – From Google
Abdel SGHIOUAR, Senior Cloud Developer Advocate

Focused on GKE/Kubernetes, Service Mesh and Serverless.

Developers are rapidly adopting containers as a way to develop and ship software. They are lightweight, easy to share and re-use and reduces the “Worked on computer” debate. But running them at scale is a different challenge. In this talk we will explore how we got to an era where containers are pretty much the standard and how you can leverage managed container platforms to run your apps safely and securely on Google Cloud.

Lecture 3 – Representing Microsoft
Robert Folkesson, CTO Active Solutions, Microsoft Regional Director

As the CTO of Active Solution Robert is responsible for the overall technical and architectural strategy for the company. He is also responsible for constantly keeping the skills and knowledge up to date through cutting edge projects, training with the world’s best experts and knowledge sharing between colleagues and projects.
As a public speaker and a Microsoft Regional Director he does regular appearances at conferences like DevSum, Ignite and Öredev – speaking about AI, cloud computing and architecture – among other things.
Robert is also a hobby musician, whenever he finds the time, he can be found noodling with old analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

Robert will do a lap around the Azure services with a heavy focus on the PaaS side of things, and from a developer’s perspective – what really shines in Azure, makes life feel good as a developer and where there might be dragons.