Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

IASP European division workshop 2019

  • 28-30 April
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Tech with a purpose, emerging technologies & enabling innovation eco-system

We are pleased to welcome the IASP European Division Workshop 2019 in Linköping, Sweden. IASP is the global network of science parks and areas of innovation. It brings together professionals who manage science, technology, and research parks and promotes the growth and internationalization of its members. Ms Lena Miranda, CEO Science Park Mjärdevi will host the event. The workshop provides opportunities for networking and exchange of ideas with colleagues in an informal and enjoyable setting. Participants will have the opportunity to meet international IASP members and experts and discuss relevant topics to strengthen the position of their STP or area of innovation.

As a preamble to the IASP World Conference that will discuss the 4th Industrial Revolution we have chosen the exciting theme of “Tech with a purpose, emerging technologies & enabling innovation eco-system.” We look forward to engaging in discussions about how Europe and our industry can make a real contribution to the development of Science parks and areas of innovations, and thereby the world. And also to create a base for even more in-depth discussions at the upcoming world conference about the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Keynote speakers and participants in panels

(See the full program here [pdf])

Keynote Speaker
Darja Isaksson
Director General
Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVA
Keynote Speaker
Ibrahim Baylan
Minister for Enterprise
Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Luis Sanz
Director General
Kristina Cato
Sustainability Accelerator targeting Agenda 2030
Eva Kvist Östgren
Strategic Partner Manager
Fredrik Heintz
Senior Lecturer
Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems (AIICS)
Linköping University
Charlotte Karlsson
Division Manager ICT
André Domin
CEO, Technologiepark Heidelberg,
President of the European Division, IASP
Hans Holmström
Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery
Caroline Drabe
Västerås Science Park
Lena Miranda
CEO Science Park Mjärdevi
Chairperson SISP
Louise Lennersten
Jean-Francois Balducchi
Managing director
Atlanpole and Atlanpole Biotherapies
Tsion Woldemariam
Project manager
IoT World
Ebba Lund
Lisa Åbom
Saab Aeronautics


  • Kajsa Hedberg, CEO, Swedish Science Parks and Incubators
  • Anders Carlsson, Process Manager, Visual Sweden
  • Catarina Berglund, Automation Region
  • Kristofer Skyttner, CEO, Skymaker
  • Johan Castervall, XM Reality
  • Mattias Flodström, Smart Spec RÖ/ÖMS
  • Maria Bolin, CEO LEAD



  • Welcome reception


  • 8:30 Registration
  • 9.00 Welcome and introduction
  • 9:30-17:00 Workshop sessions & Keynotes
  • 19:00 Dinner at the Swedish Air Force Museum. Host: Mayor of Linköping, Mr Lars Vikinge


Linköping innovative areas tour.

  • Vallastaden
  • Nätverket
  • Ebbepark
  • Makerspace
  • 11:30 Picknick lunch

Possible for participants to depart to take lunch flight to Amsterdam.