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Exponential Climate Solutions and Sustainability – Lecture with Rebecka Carlsson, Sustainability Entrepreneur

  • 8 April, 00:00
  • Musikalen, Konsert och Kongress, Linköping
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Linköping Science Park and The regional clusters of East Sweden welcome you all to take part of this unique experience of listening to and workshoping with Rebecka Carlsson, here in Linköping!

The 50 first to sign up will get a copy of Rebecka Carlssons book, Exponential Climate Solutions!

Sustainability has only just begun and the next 100 years will correspond to 20,000 years of technological development. What will this mean for your business development?

If you participate during this day you will: 

1. Learn to develop sustainable business models.
2. Get a crash course in exponential thinking and new technologies.
3. You get your business development tools to use in your organization.
4. Learn all about sustainable trends and current climate solutions.
5. Invaluable knowledge to be a company at the forefront.

Technology development and climate change are mega trends that will affect the business community more than anything else in the coming decades. How can we understand where different technologies are headed and based on that make more informed decisions today? At the same time as technological development is turning most business models upside down, sustainability is becoming a disruptive force. In just three decades, the world economy will be completely climate-neutral, but what are the business opportunities?

In this lecture/workshop, Rebecka Carlsson shares tech insights from Singularity University and NASA and provides a crash course in sustainable development and the more exciting business opportunities that arise when climate change and exponential technologies meet.

About the workshop:
The entire world economy will become climate neutral in just three decades, and sustainability is becoming one of the most commercially disruptive forces, in the same way as digitalisation. The winning business models of the future are sustainable – but which ones should be more concrete are different for each company.

Welcome to a future-oriented masterclass in how to develop sustainable business models and climate solutions that have a great effect.

The masterclasses provide:

  • A crash course in how to develop scalable sustainable business models – with exponential thinking, exponential technologies and exponential behavioral changes.
  • Central framework for climate and sustainability – which enables the “science as a blue-print for innovation” approach.
    An overview of 100 climate solutions and 15 particularly relevant sustainability trends to develop further sustainable business models from the outside.
  • Sustainable Business Canvas, a business development tool you can use to develop the sustainable companies of the future.
  • Guided business development and personal advice for each company.

About Rebecka Carlsson

  • Rebecka Carlsson is a sustainability entrepreneur, business advisor and author.
  • She has co-founded a handful of sustainable companies and worked as a political advisor to Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Climate and the Environment.
  • She is trained in exponential technologies by Singularity University at NASA, and in social entrepreneurship at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • In 2020, she was a finalist for “Speaker of the Year”, and she’s the author of the books Exponential Climate Solutions and Sustainable Business Canvas.


The lecture will be held in english and is free to attend. We have a maximum of 100 seats in the audience so don’t wait to sign up!


Organized by Linköping Science Park and financed by Energimyndigheten.

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