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Bright East – Trends, the Future and Tech with Niclas Bergman

  • 12 October, 00:00

The future is not what it used to be – trends, the future, and business

Nicklas Bergman is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and futurist on the front edge of tech development. Will society be able to handle the explosion in tech development?  

Nicklas Bergman has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and futurist with a primary focus on investments and business development within emerging markets, internet services, nano technology, computer hardware, new material and digital art in motion. Over the years, Nicklas has been a founder, CEO and/or an early investor in over 20 companies. Nicklas combines short historical flashbacks with the experience and deep knowledge about current, new technologies from a business perspective. He guides the listeners through a completely updated and customized run-through of what technologies that will affect us as individuals, businessnes, and society from here on. The focus is not on the technologies themselves but more on how you can identify the possibilities that arise along with the ongoing shift in technology. Nicklas will also discuss ethical and moral aspects of the tech development and stress how we need to take more command over the development of technology. It is no longer a question of what technology can do for us, but what we should allow technnology to do.

As usual, food will be served as well as an opportunity to mingle!

OBS. Bright East will be held in Swedish.

Registration and Practical Information

Where? Coffice, Norrköping Science Park Laxholmstorget 3, Norrköping

Time? 18.00 – 20.00 on October 12th

Registration? No later than October 10th


Bright East is the network for you between the age 25 to 35. Welcome!