DoSpace was the first coworking space to open its doors in Linköping. The business is located on the lower level of Mjärdevi Center – a spacious office with a density of greens, comfortable alternatives to an otherwise rather boring standard desk and a chair, and a productive atmosphere.

DoSpace welcomes companies of varying size even though the majority of companies are of smaller size in their startup phase. Compared to more traditional business hotels, DoSpace is an open landscape where you work independetly together with other entrepreneurs. There is a focus on making DoSpace an oasis where the members can thrive and consequently reach new heights. This is encouraged by creating areas that allow members to interact, and network, as well as work independently. Niclas Söör founded the company that was officially launched in March of 2017, but as of today he runs the business together with Martin Strid.

Within a time range of 6 months, Niclas and Martin have managed to both establish and secure DoSpace in Mjärdevi with great success as well as taken it to the next level. DoSpace rather recently signed a contract for another office but this time in downtown Linköping. The DoSpace extension will take over an office in a dynamic, beautifully designed turn-of-the-century building at Stora Torget 3. The new office will fill the gap between Mjärdevi Science Park and the city as it connects the two and allows for a stream of competence. This also means that there is a greater opportunity for DoSpace members to be represented at a variety of attractive adresses and consequently interact with a bigger network. With this, it will be easier to attract the talent needed.

“Expansions are always challenging no matter the industry, but I can’t say anything less than that we are excited to take DoSpace further. Opening another office will not only fill the gap between Mjärdevi and Linköping city, but also make DoSpace availabe for a wider audience. From now on, DoSpace will be able to fulfill the needs of a company of one to teams of globally established companies”, says Martin Strid with an enthustiastic smirk on his face.