Does your startup work with AI or do you want to learn how you could use AI solutions? Then the AI Sweden Startup Program is for you! As the National Center for Applied AI, AI Sweden have a mission to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden. We know that startups play an important role in this.

In Linköping, we have many great startups active in the field of AI and this program could give new inspiration and input to accelerate already tech-forward startups in our region, says Sara Karlsson, Ecosystem & Partner Manager AI Sweden, East regions.

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The Startup Program

The AI Sweden Startup Program supports startups on their AI journey. We offer training, testing environments, and the opportunity to engage in goal-driven projects. With more than 100 partners – corporates, public sector, academia, startups, authorities, research institutes, and consultants – we also offer great networking opportunities and a thriving startup community. See startup program members.

The startup program is divided into three steps, depending on what stage you identify as:


Online courses, open events, workshops, and seminars.

For early-stage startups who are at the beginning of their AI journey, or who are thinking of adding AI to their business.

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Access to AI Sweden startup community, monthly startup community meetings, meet-ups with AI Sweden partners and collaborators.

For startups that are registered companies and work with AI as a core part of their business. They should also have in-house AI engineers and/or demonstrate a significant use of AI.

Apply for Stage 2 in the Startup program

More information about the connect-stage:

The second stage of the Startup Program, connect, is open for applications from startups that work with AI as a core part of the business. Your startup should also be a registered company with in-house AI engineers and/or you should demonstrate a significant use of AI.

The connect stage requires that you apply to a committee that has both AI and business competence, that will review your organization.

At the connect stage you are invited to join our Startup community. For community members, we have monthly online inspirational and informative meetings. We arrange meetups with AI Sweden partners and collaborators. All activities are here to inspire you, and to help you accelerate your business. At this stage, you can also attend all our open events and webinars. The AI Sweden Startup community has its own Slack channel where you can meet other AI startups and have the opportunity to share your thoughts and challenges.

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Full AI Sweden partnership needed, project access and engagement, access to the Data Factory & testbeds, legal and ethics resources, introduction to corporates and investors.

For more mature AI startups that are ready to scale their business and which can add value to other AI Sweden partners. Read more about becoming a partner in AI Sweden.

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Your contact person in Östergötland regarding AI Sweden partnership and general questions about the work we do with AI in the region:

Sara Karlsson, Ecosystem & Partner Manager AI Sweden, East regions

+46 (0)72-406 80 52