The upcoming round of the popular course, “The Basics of Cybersecurity,” is set to commence this April, attracting a remarkable 100 professionals. This represents a significant expansion from previous rounds, where the course was limited to just 30 participants. Geared towards professionals in small to medium-sized enterprises, this course is made available at no cost to participants, courtesy of the Sweden Secure Tech Hub initiative.

Highlighting the evident demand for cybersecurity knowledge across companies throughout Sweden, Tim Larsson, Project Manager at Linköping Science Park, expressed pride in Sweden Secure Tech Hub’s ability to meet this need. The course, which adopts a hybrid format, encourages participants from various regions in Sweden to engage in both in-person study groups for discussions and knowledge exchange, as well as digital components of the course.

“Understanding the fundamentals of cybersecurity and implementing practices to enhance a company’s security protocols are crucial in today’s business landscape. Recognizing the hurdles that smaller companies encounter in prioritizing training, I commend the dedication of these businesses to bolster their operations by actively engaging in the course,” emphasized Tim.

Sweden Secure Tech Hub

The course is part of Sweden Secure Tech Hub’s comprehensive offerings, contributing to the national cybersecurity landscape. This collaboration involves six of Sweden’s prominent science parks in technology and digitalization, including Linköping Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park (Gothenburg), Ideon Science Park (Lund), Kista Science Park (Stockholm), Luleå Science Park, and Blue Science Park (Karlskrona). Sweden Secure Tech Hub is co-funded by EU.

Expand your knowledge further

For those interested in delving deeper into cybersecurity, Sweden Secure Tech Hub provides networking events, learning opportunities, and various training programs. More information about their current offerings and events can be found at If you already possess a foundational understanding of cybersecurity, consider exploring upcoming courses within PROMIS that are offered without cost to professionals, learn more here!