When applying to IndX, your application will be reviewed by three competence teams based on each focus area: sustainability, autonomy, and connectivity. The competence teams consist of several experts in each area, going through the applications and selecting them. This means, that just by applying to IndX makes you visible to different departments at our corporate partners, and opens up doors for future collaborations. 

We’ve interviewed some of the experts in each competence team – Karin Jerner Gransten from Väderstad and Sandra Jardeby from Husqvarna Group!

Karin Jerner Gransten, Technical Project Manager at Väderstad- TEAM CONNECTIVITY & AUTONOMY

How do you function as a competence team in establishing a connection with each department at your partner companies?
– As members of the competence team, we are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to incorporate into our product and operations. If your product aligns with our interests and is timely, there is a significant chance that we will reach out, exploring the opportunity to collaborate on developing a Proof of Concept with you. IndX serves as a gateway to a potential partnership with us.

What distinguishes a good application? What tips do you have for startups that are working on refining their application for IndX?
– Focus on the technology, providing clarity on what you do and the technology you employ. This allows us to assess more easily whether it aligns with our interests. Avoid excessive buzzwords; instead, describe your product simply and understandably. Good luck with your writing, and I look forward to reading your applications!

Sandra Jardeby, Director, Strategy and Sustainability Lead at Husqvarna Group –  TEAM SUSTAINABILITY

From a sustainability perspective, what’s important to you when you review the applications?
– It is a privilege, within the framework of the IndX collaboration, to have the opportunity to meet companies with strong innovation capabilities in the sustainability sector. When evaluating proposals, my starting point is to understand the extent to which the proposed solution is genuinely sustainable, credible, and meaningful. I hope to see a sustainability strategy with clear goals and ambitions, as well as innovative and creative depth. Together with my colleagues, we then assess how the concept can contribute to our sustainability agenda.

What’s hot in sustainability at Husqvarna Group at the moment?
– Sustainability is a fundamental part of our long-term strategy. We have clear goals that we refer to as ‘Sustainovate,’ emphasizing the interdependence of sustainability and innovation. These goals focus on consistently reducing our carbon footprint, increasing the electrification of our product range, promoting circular innovations, and influencing both internal and external stakeholders to make sustainable choices. Regarding circular innovation, we follow a 5R strategy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-manufacture, and Repair. Companies with innovative concepts in these areas, which concurrently address our customers’ needs, are therefore of particular interest to us.