Wearhealth, Pix Force and RVmagnetics have recently showcased their solutions to IndX corporate partners, aligning with two of IndX’s key main areas: autonomy and sustainability. 

The presentations were accompanied by an engaging Q&A session, where representatives from our corporate partners Husqvarna Group, Toyota Material Handling, Väderstad and SAAB got to ask questions and have fruitful dialogues.

Wearhealth, a German startup, specializes in enhancing workplace safety and promoting a sustainable and healthier work environment by effectively reducing injuries. They provide innovative safety solutions tailored for various industries.

From Brazil, Pix Force brings expertise in computer vision technology by using AI to capture and automatically analyze images in a manner that surpasses human vision in terms of affordability, speed, and precision.

The exchange of knowledge and ideas between countries holds important significance in today’s interconnected world. Presentations between Wearhealth, Pix Force, and IndX partners exemplify the power of potential global partnerships in driving innovation and progress. At the moment, the potential collaboration between the pitching companies and our corporate partners is being explored.

We at IndX actively encourage cross-border cooperation, recognizing that diverse perspectives and expertise from various regions are vital for addressing complex challenges and realizing solutions. By facilitating the sharing of knowledge and technologies, IndX strengthens its position as a hub for positive change on a global scale, fostering a collective effort towards a sustainable and autonomous future within industry 4.0.