Final application date: June 14

Join us at Linköping Science Park, where innovation and business growth come together to create a world-class environment. As a subsidiary of Linköpings’ municipality, our board members represent the best of business, academia, and politics. But we’re not just about the boardroom – we also have a dynamic student board dedicated to making the Science Park an attractive hub for students and young academics.

In the Science park, Multinational companies are mixed with leading research institutions, innovative SMEs, and cutting-edge startups. By engaging with entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of the future, we aim to deliver services that help them grow as individuals and as businessmen and women.

Guided by the latest megatrends, including sustainability, digitalisation, and internationalisation, we have a clear strategic direction. These trends shape our approach to developing future services, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve in supporting our talented individuals and businesses within the Linköping Science Park.

Join us today and be part of an extraordinary journey towards innovation, growth, and unlimited possibilities.

Linköping Science Park follows a clear strategy emerging from the current megatrends such as sustainability, digitalisation, and internationalisation. These trends will guide us when developing future services to support our talents and businesses in the Science Park.

As a student board member, you will discuss the same topics as the board; strategies on how to work with attraction and promotion, how to best support business development, how to attract and retain talents and the general development of Linköping Science Park. By providing the student perspective, you will have a direct impact on the decisions of the board. Sometimes, the student board’s input will lead to projects addressing students and allow you to actively support their realisation.

How we put the student board together

We strive to have a mixed composition of the student board; students from different parts of the university, faculties, education programs, men and women, and diverse backgrounds. In total, we have eight board members.

Who are we looking for? 

This year we are looking for three people and especially students who:

  • Have an interest and competence in visualisation and image analysis
  • Have an interest in and competence in the Internet of Things
  • Have an interest in and competence in sustainability

As a student board member, we wish you to engage over two years. Every year, half of the board will be replaced by new students.

The student board assignment

  • Bring the student perspective into Linköping Science Park
  • Be an ambassador for the Science Park at Linköping University
  • Be a part of realising Linköping Science Park’s strategy during the coming years

Email your application to Anna Broeders at . The last day to apply is June 14.