Book about Switch to Sweden

What is Switch to Sweden?

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Why are you making a book and what content will it have?

The aim for the book is to give inspiration and information about living and having a job in Sweden. The book will be filled with know how´s, insight to people’s life, glimpse of the eye glossary, greetings from reputable swedes and more.

One section of the book will be local and therefore applicable to whatever place and/or company who wants to create their own version. The local part will initially be created for Linköping but a template for the local part will be available for other parties to use, and thereby print the entire book (including local part) themselves.

Who is the target group for the book?

International students who are in Sweden for study or research, expats coming to Sweden for work and spouses following family members to Sweden

When will the book be launched?

Late in the spring of 2023.

What format will the book have?

Both digital and physical.

Who is creating the book?

It’s a collaboration between Placebrander, Söderhavet and Future Place Leadership. The project is a part of the national project Switch to Sweden and is funded by Vinnova and carried out into action throughout Linköping Science Park.


Anna Broeders

Hela Galvis

Anna Österlund

Project manager – book


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