East Swedens five areas of strength

East Sweden has a clear strategy for smart specialization based on the five defined areas of strength. In these areas, Östergötland has a track record of successful research and prominent companies, giving us a leading national and international position. Furthermore, our areas of expertise can create extraordinary conditions for growth within each area and through cross-fertilization with the region’s industries and companies. Each strength area has a roadmap that aims to develop the area.

workshop IoT World

Smart, robust, and secure connected products and systems

Internet of Things, sensors, and printed electronics are examples of areas where researchers and companies in East Sweden have a high level of competence. There is world-leading research at Linköping University and a regional node of AI Sweden. Within IoT, there is the platform IoT World. The coordinator for the strength area is Linköping Science Park.

Visualiseringscenter Norrköping

Visualization, simulation, and image analysis

Visualization, simulation, and image analysis develop solutions to illustrate complex data. East Sweden has a long history of outstanding research in the field and today has a world-leading competence. Visual Sweden, hosted by the Region of Östergötland and Linköping University, is the node within the area of ​​strength, which Norrköping Science Park coordinates.


Advanced materials

In Östergötland, there is a very high level of competence and resources in producing new materials, using advanced materials, and developing new manufacturing methods from existing materials. Innovative Materials Arena (IMA) is an innovation environment that stimulates research, collaboration, and growth in advanced materials. Sankt Kors Fastighets AB coordinates the strength area.


Efficient logistics

Östergötland has one of Sweden’s best geographical locations, a robust infrastructure, and one of the largest infrastructure investments in modern times, Ostlänken, is also planned here. East Sweden also has vital research and prominent companies in the logistics area. East Swedens logistics cluster, Logistikia, increases competitiveness and creates a place for collaboration and development. The municipality of Norrköping coordinates the area of ​​strength via their business office.


Business models and arenas for sustainable systems solutions

East Sweden is at the forefront of circular economy, environmental technology, and resource-efficient solutions such as waste management and biogas. In East Sweden, companies, together with universities and public actors, have created sustainable solutions with great business benefits. The business community, the public sector, and academia gather in the Cleantech Östergötland network to solve society’s environmental challenges jointly. Cleantech Östergötland coordinates the strength area.

Roadmaps for every strength area

The roadmaps for each area of strength aim to identify initiatives to be implemented within each area of strength during 2021–2024.

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