Right now, we’re looking for innovative companies ready to take their next step towards scaling up and exporting beyond Europe. Through Norrköping Science Park and Central Baltic Interreg, we offer 3 growth programs focusing on scaling up and internationalization for your company.

Companies from the following regions are welcome to apply: Östergötland, Stockholm, Uppsala, Örebro, Södermanland, Gotland, Västmanland & Gävleborg.

1. Scale up your business across the Baltic Sea
– with Scaleup Launchpad

Immerse yourself in a flexible 10-month program where your company takes center stage, aimed at making you bigger and stronger. The program is a unique collaboration between Norrköping, Tampere & Tartu, where you have the opportunity to build new networks, create international exchanges, explore new markets, AND scale up for real.

You’ll receive:

  • Participation in business delegations in Finland (Tampere), Estonia (Tartu), & Sweden (Norrköping)
  • 30 hours of free mentorship sessions with experts in your field
  • Scaling up analytics tool that is tailor-made to help your teams reach the next level with consultation and follow-ups
  • Opportunity for international testbeds
  • Monthly digital seminars

For registration & more info, contact Darius: darius.sarka@nosp.se
Website: www.scaleuplaunchpad.eu

2. Export to new markets: USA, Canada, Brazil & Uzbekistan
– with Bridging4Growth

When expanding to a new market, it’s about building a presence and creating strong business relationships to secure long-term success and growth. Here, we offer help to open the door to new markets and the right contacts, with the aim of facilitating your entry and concluding with successful sales contracts in the new market.
(Right now there are seats open to join our Canadian delegation 16-20 June!)

You’ll receive:

  • Export kit to prepare you for the new market
  • Opportunity to participate in business delegations
  • Up to 30 hours of free mentorship with market experts
  • Exposure of your company through our networks and channels

For registration & more info, contact Linda: linda.robinson@nosp.se
Website: https://centralbaltic.eu/project/bridging4growth/
LinkedIn: @bridging4growth

3. Match with large corporates nationally & internationally

Accessing the right person at the big company you want to collaborate with isn’t always easy. Here, we help you gather the right people, from the right corporates, in the right place, all to meet you and do business, create pilots, initiate collaboration projects… you name it! The program is done in collaboration with IGNITE Sweden and their established matchmaking platform. Additionally, in cooperation with Finland and Estonia, we broaden the possibilities for business contacts and international markets.

You’ll receive:

  • Opportunity to participate in our upcoming matchmaking events in Stockholm, Tallinn & Turku
  • Individual meetings with large corporates
  • Preparatory seminars on how large and small companies can work together
  • Networking with entrepreneurs and companies from across the Central Baltic region

For registration & more info, contact Linda: linda.robinson@nosp.se
Website: https://scale-able.tehnopol.ee/

About the Interreg Central Baltic Programme:
The Interreg Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027 is an EU cross-border cooperation program between regions in Sweden, Finland, Estonia & Latvia, spread across 37 different projects. https://centralbaltic.eu/


Ebba Ejerblom

Norrköping Science Park