Swedsoft brings together organizations from all over Sweden who are interested in software development. The strength lies in the great breadth of members who are in the association. Here are some of our largest Swedish companies, young startups, and other SME companies from different industries with academia, institutes, organizations, and more. The association works to support Swedish software development and secure Sweden’s future competitiveness together.

Oleg Krasnukhin recently represented Science Park Mjärdevi at a Software Technology Exchange Workshop. Here you can read his reflections after that meeting.

October 2019 I got a chance to represent Science Park Mjardevi at STEW 2019 (Software Technology Exchange Workshop). This year’s STEW took place in Lund, Sweden, and had Connected Society as a theme. Different views of the theme were presented by municipalities, research institutes and private companies. The conference was organized in a way to promote knowledge and opinion exchange, trigger the discussion, challenge the participants to start conversations, and build new connections.

The need for collaboration and cooperation was mentioned in most of presentations. Sharing e-platforms between Swedish municipalities to provide better services and be more efficient, collaborating for better road safety, using crowdsourcing to build global world representation, creating standards to open markets for new service providers, sharing data openly to enable new innovations. As mentioned before, the conference itself was intended to connect representatives from different sectors to discuss topics and answer questions together.

Which also matched to one of the reasons to attend the STEW – find new ideas and collaboration ways for Science Park Mjardevi. There I was able to meet other members of Swedsoft, an independent, non-profit association that works to increase the competitiveness of Swedish software (ex. by organizing STEW conference).

It was the first time I have attended STEW and it turned out to be a great source of inspiration. And I really hope that some of the ideas would be useful.

Do you have any thoughts on how Science Park can develop its work on the issues that Swedsoft is driving? Do not hesitate to contact Anna Broeders. She is happy to receive your ideas.