Swedish Scaleups have been operating since 2015, and the program is operated by different partners in the region in the middle-east of Sweden. The program is starting up a new period for 2023-2026. 

415 companies have been helped in the program since the start and the result has shown a positive development for the region, both when it comes to revenue growth and new work opportunities. In the latest period of the program some of the involved companies are iMatrics, Reedz, Bioneer Brains, Zmartrest and Evolar.

iMatrics is a company based in Linköping and they work with auto tags for categorisation for news media. John Bengtsson are CEO at iMatrics and tells us about his experiences in Swedish Scaleups:

– Swedish Scaleups gave us a context for us to talk about our business development and growth. The program was perfect for our growth journey.

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Swedish Scaleups start a new period. Are you operating a company and are ready to scale up to a new level? We can offer you help with competence development, capital raising, internationalization and sustainability and more that you need for your company to grow.

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