Lena Miranda, CEO, Linköping Science Park. Erik Slottner, Minister for Public Administration and digitalization and Fredrik Larsson, Digital Strategist & Communication Manager, Linköping Science Park.

Today, the Minister for Public Administration and digitalization Erik Slottner visited Linköping Science Park to discuss digitization in the society and public sector. We had time to talk about how we can promote digitization in the public sector, not least by cultivating an innovation culture that embraces failure and learning – but also by raising ambitions for how Swedish welfare should make use of the country’s innovative power and ensure that successful pilots are given the conditions to implemented on a large scale. AI, 5G rollout, autonomous vehicles and much more were also discussed.

We had the opportunity to highlight good examples from the municipality of Linköping and Region Östergötland and describe how the country’s incubators and science parks form an essential infrastructure for investments in innovation, digitization and digitization and transition towards a sustainable society.