Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

Tech Tuesday with Sectra – Cyber vultures & how cybercriminals benefit from calamity

  • 13 October, 00:00
  • Creactive, Teknikringen 7, Linköping
All catastrophes trigger an intense activity among those who wish to help; first responders, volunteers, international aid groups etc. Unfortunately, there are some people who see these disasters as opportunities to earn money through racketeering, scams, and other sorts of crimes.
At the upcoming Tech Tuesday, Security Expert Leif Nixon at Sectra Communications will share his experience and knowledge by guiding you through examples of how cybercriminals have rushed to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent crises.

At Tech Tuesday, you got to know more about the latest techniques and trends that the companies at Linköping Science Park are working with. Join us for a lunch and expand your knowledge!


This Tech Tuesday has limited seating due to covid-19 restrictions: 25 people can be seated at Creactive. Sign up today, first come first serve! You can of course participate digitally, the event will be livestreamed via Zoom.


The sign up is now closed. You can still participate by clicking the link below.


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12.00 Lunch is served
12.15 Time for the seminar
13.00 Head back to work

See you at Creactive in Linköping Science Park!