Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

Tech Tuesday Special with Grepit about the Rust RTIC framework

25 May, 11:45-12:30


Welcome to tech talk and lunch lecture! Grepit brings the Rust RTIC framework to Your lunch table. A framework for embedded real-time programming in Rust, combining Performance, Reliability and Productivity with Race- and Deadlock-free Real-Time Execution. We will showcase RTIC based products in mission and safety critical applications. And Yes, there is finally a ”free lunch” for safe and secure embedded programming, welcome to join!

Speaker: Per Lindgren, Andreas Lundqvist

Contact: Per Lindgren, Grepit/LTU, Professor in Embedded Systems,
Andreas Lundqvist, Grepit, COO,
Johan Eriksson, Grepit, CTO,