Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

#SpaceApps Challenge

  • 28-30 April

Space Apps is an annual event that pulls together people regardless of their background or skill level. Don’t let the name fool you… it’s not just about apps! Tackle a challenge using robotics, data visualization, hardware, design and many other specialties!
Inspire each other while you learn and create using stories, code, design and, most of all, YOUR ideas. Show us your problem-solving skills and share your talents with the world!

The International Space Apps Challenge, one of the largest annual hackathons in the world, is NASA’s incubator innovation program. In 2017 the Space Apps Challenge will take place in the last weekend of April: 28th-30th.

Since its first edition in 2012, the International Space Apps Challenge has become the biggest global hackathon in the world. The global Space Apps community continues to grow with 71 new cities which hosted events in 2016. The global winners (and location leads who hosted the event where the teams created their award winning projects) traveled to Florida from California, North Carolina, Italy, Ukraine, UK, and Canada and attended the OSIRIS REx Launch, the asteroid sample return mission.