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Tech Tuesday with Ericsson: Head in the cloud – feet on the ground

  • 18 October, 00:00
  • Goto10 Linköping
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At Tech Tuesday, you got to know more about the latest techniques and trends that the companies in Linköping Science Park are working with. Join us for lunch and expand your knowledge!

Anders Boan Johansson, Senior Principal Developer from Ericsson will talk about high performing cloud (and embedded) software.

Cloud Native – A buzzword that most companies must have or want to be. In many cases this is a collection of software development best practices, but also a few fundamental ways of working that also can apply to embedded products. This presentation is about that buzz but also to find the sweet spot between characteristics such as development efficiency, product performance and resilience.

In an ongoing energy crisis, it has never been more important with efficient software, especially for cloud – the “greenest” software stack will be a gamechanger!


12.00 Lunch is served for those who participate physically
12.15 Time for the seminar
13.00 Head back to work