Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

LiU SAI – Scene for AI #8 – AI Workshop with Volvo Group!

  • 3 October, 00:00
  • House Zenit, Linköping University
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A warm welcome to the AI ​​workshop with Volvo Group!

The progress in the field of AI has meant that the technology has become increasingly powerful, and its use has become increasingly common in both the private and public sectors. To meet this development and to promote cooperation and collaborations both internally between the university’s faculties and departments, and with external organizations, Linköping University has created the AI ​​Initiative. In order to increase contact surfaces both internally and externally, the AI Initiative in collaboration with AI Sweden arranges LiU SAI, a seminar series with presentations from both prominent academics and representatives of leading organizations. This spring, presentations were arranged with the Security Service (SÄPO), the Department of Infrastructure and the Swedish central bank (Riksbanken), and we look forward to an autumn with more exciting events.

LiU SAI is therefore very happy to be able to invite you to a workshop on digital transformation with the world-leading truck manufacturer Volvo Group. At the event, Thomas Nordenskjöld and Niklas Samuelsson will present and discuss how Volvo uses AI technology/analytics to, for example, optimize the company’s logistics flows.

The event is divided into two parts, first an overall presentation about Volvo’s work with AI as decision support and then group discussions to discuss AI from a technical and organizational perspective. The group discussing AI from a technical perspective will discuss how to use AI technology for decision support in, for example, logistics, while the organizational perspective will discuss Volvo’s experiences in becoming a data-driven organization.

The event will be organized in the Zenit house on October 3 at 2.30 pm and will be held in English.

14.30 The doors open
15.15 Presentation Volvo
15.45 Q&A
16.00 Group discussions
17.00 Closing

The lecture will be available digitally afterwards. 

All events will be open for academia, industry and the general public. However, the specific target groups, technical depth and language will vary from event to event. All the events will be recorded and available to watch afterwards.

About the lecture:
“How to fail forward and other capabilities to become AI-successful”

Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment as well as marine and industrial engines. All these machines requires efficient distribution of spare parts to ensure uptime. This results in a large distribution network consisting in total over 7000 nodes which handles over 30 millions order lines every year. Our vision is to be able to orchestrate this network in an efficient manner and we believe that analytics is the way to get there. Not only through a central function, but throughout the whole organization! Join the presentation and discover what we think are the needed capabilities to transform a large and well-established organization into becoming analytically capable!


Niklas Samuelsson loves to learn and deepen his knowledge in order to solve problems and find improvements which makes it hard to find a better fit than applying advanced analytics in a supply chain! And to be able to share his thoughts at a university with strong connections to both subjects makes it even better! Niklas is a Supply Chain and Analytics Expert at Volvo Group – Service Market Logistics.

To see people use the most of their superpowers and to develop new extraordinary skills is what engages Thomas Nordenskjöld in our everchanging society. Thomas is the manager for the Advanced Analytics Europe team at Volvo Group – Service Market Logistics.