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LiU SAI #4 – AI in the service of democracy

  • 2 May, 00:00
  • Zenit, Linköping University or Digital
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Welcome to LiU SAI #4 with Anders Arpteg, Director of Data Science at the Swedish Security Service.

There is a big difference between humans and AI today and they are good, and bad, at different things. If we can combine the best of both worlds, using AI for what that is good for and humans for what they are good at, then we have a possibility to maximize benevolent use of AI and handle all the challenges that we have in our society. This is what we aim for at Swedish Security Service, where we receive huge amounts of data and we have the goal to make sure that “what should not happen, does not happen”.

About the speaker

Anders has been working and researching AI for 20+ years in academia and industry,  with a Ph.D. in AI from Linköping University. Previously heading up research teams at Spotify and Peltarion, now heading up data science and AI at the Swedish Security Service (Säkerhetspolisen).

Place: Zero, located in building Zenith, Campus Valla, Linköping University

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