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Internet of things – connecting nature with printed organic electronics- breakfast with IoT World

  • 8 September, 00:00
  • Spectrum, Ebbepark
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8 september 8-9 AM
Sign up before 5 PM, September 6th
IoT World invites you to this inspiring breakfast meeting at Spectrum in Ebbepark were you get to network and listen to a presentation from Magnus Berggren from Laboratory of Organic Electronics. IoT World offers breakfast to everyone who signs up. The presentation will be held in English.
About the theme:
Printed organic electronics for internet of things (IoT) applications have been researched and developed at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Campus Norrköping, LiU. In combination with silicon technology and an array of communication protocols, those flexible electronic systems have been shaped into various forms of multifunctional IoT systems, comprising dedicated sensors and actuators, which are explored in a number of applications, ranging from safety, logistics, biology, to medicine. Plants, construction buildings, band aids and individuals can now be connected and several opportunities for novel future auto-regulated services and safety functions are possible and discussed.
Speaker: Magnus Berggren, Laboratory of Organic Electronics, LiU