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IEEE/Semcon Breakfast Seminar: Software & Safety

  • 20 November, 00:00
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IEEE/Semcon Breakfast Seminar: Software & Safety – If the challenges make an L3 (or L4) vehicle more of L2+, can it still be safe and “good enough”?


Prof. Dr. Viacheslav Izosimov Senior Expert Embedded Systems and Functional Safety, Semcon

Dual M.Sc., PhD in Computer Systems from Linköping University, Docent in Machine Design from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Certified TUV FuSa engineer, more than 10 years experience in automotive and machine safety, IEEE Senior member, author of more than 30 publications and book chapters in the area.

We may need to wait to drive fully autonomously on the highway for few more years. Instead, half-way solutions start to enter the market with the driver still expected to be engaged in the driving tasks or, at least, expectied to be ready to engage at any time. The solutions are balanced between opening single highway segments or letting the driver to decide on the ODD and have fingers-crossed. The responsibility split between the OEM and the driver becomes a tricky “gray area”, where the expectations may conflict. In this talk, I will discuss about so called L2+ or 2.99 vehicles and their challenges in terms of safety. We will look into distributed software development, over the air updates, and agile software maturity levels.


  • Platform development becomes paramount for 2.99 vehicles, when multiple variants enter the market
  • Agile is the way to bring reasonably safe solutions to the market at time constraint development
  • Over the air update is the way to open up road segments, balance between the driver and the vehicle in HMI, and increase availability
  • Simulation solutions at software level bring SOTIF reasoning in connection to safety validation


The seminar will be held through Microsoft Teams.


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