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Digital Innovation Hub

In what area can I get help

The purpose is to accelerate usage of IoT solutions for sustainable community development. It is an open knowledge platform and test environments where members share experiences and collaborate on new innovations. IoT is a collective concept for things that have a built-in electronics and connectivity, technology interconnecting the digital and physical world with each other.

What technical / physical environments are available?

We have access to a LAB equipped with various sensor technologies and other equipment that can be used to carry out pilots within IoT projects. Equipment is mainly in RFID.

What do I get help with

  • You can get help finding the right technology for your needs.
  • You can get help finding partners for new projects.
  • You can get help finding actors
    who are interested in that test new
    technologies in their organizations.

To whom it is open

Large and small companies with offers within IoT. Academy and research institutes that want to utilize research. Organizations that need to implement IoT solutions.

What does it cost

It is free of charge to be a member.

Case that describes how it works

Ongoing projects.

Who’s behind it

Region Östergötland and IoT Sverige.

Who should I contact

Visit our web for contact information.