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19 December, 2020




Claes Lundström

+46 706 05 50 16, +46 (0)13 23 52 00

Job description

Do you want to develop your expertise in visual analytics to make a difference to actual patients and save lives?

New genomics methods are at the core of precision medicine about to change healthcare dramatically for the better. In order to benefit from all the genomic data we will produce for tomorrow’s patients, new data science methods in visualization and artificial intelligence are needed. Scientific expertise needs to be matched with clinical prerequisites in an industrial context.

We are now looking for an industrial PhD student to join the Sectra Research Department. The Research Department is responsible for developing knowledge, methods and prototypes to pave the way for product development in data-driven diagnostic medicine with a global reach. You will work in a team of scientists and closely collaborate with academic and healthcare professionals worldwide as well as with Sectra’s many domain experts.

An industrial PhD combines the best of two worlds. You will have the time to delve into the very frontier of human knowledge, and to advance it. At the same time, you will work in the industry as part of a team focused on creating real, usable products.


What’s in it for me?

At Sectra, you will be offered:

  • The opportunity to work with technology that is beneficial for life
  • The opportunity to learn about, and eventually push the boundaries of, key technology areas of our time
  • A rewarding and challenging workplace where you work in teams with smart and talented people just like you, on both the industrial and academic sides
  • An organization where you will be listened to and where you have a real opportunity to make a difference
  • An international environment with the opportunity to work in, or with, other countries and cultures. We have 28 nationalities in the Linköping office alone


In this position, you will:

  • Conduct research on visual analytics for a key emerging area of precision medicine: data-driven clinical genomics
  • Participate in a PhD student training program at Linköping University, a leading Swedish university, in a strong environment with other students and researchers in visualization and AI
  • Contribute to novel, technically advanced, and user-oriented innovations in interaction with Sectra’s product development team to transfer knowledge and prototypes
  • After four years, obtain a PhD degree



This position is an opportunity out of the ordinary. Intense efforts will be needed at times, and high flexibility is required. We are looking for someone who sees the multifaceted challenges of this position in a positive light, as a path to a rewarding, extraordinary professional life.


For this position, the following requirements apply:

  • A Master of Science degree in computer science or a related area
  • Fluency in English. If not fluent in Swedish, a strong ambition to learn Swedish (it is the expected work language for this position after at most 12 months)
  • A strong will to turn advanced technology into usable solutions in healthcare
  • Very good academic grades, especially in mathematics courses, combined with an aptitude for human-computer interaction aspects



Most of all, we are looking for an open, passionate person who shares our values, is a true team player and will enjoy working with us at Sectra.


In addition, we consider it an asset if you also:

  • Speak more languages than those required above
  • Have experience of other cultures
  • Have interests besides school/work, such as sports, sports leader, music, horseback riding, singing or flying (if you happen to have a pilot’s license, you can fly to our customers in our own Sectra airplane) or anything else that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Additional academic credentials


Please make sure to attach your CV, cover letter and transcripts/grades from both university and gymnasium/ upper-secondary school in your application. 


Contact Hiring Manager

If you have any questions about this job, don’t hesitate to contact:
Claes Lundström, Research Director, Sectra AB
Phone: +46 706 05 50 16, +46 (0)13 23 52 00


Read more about working at Sectra


Our goal is for the right candidate to start this position in winter/spring of 2021.


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About us

Sectra develops and sells IT systems and products for radiology, mammography, pathology and orthopaedic departments. We also have core expertise in encryption technology. Sectra was founded in 1978 and has its roots in Linköping University in Sweden. Today, Sectra has offices in 13 countries and operates through partners worldwide.