Amanda Borneke and Leif Nixon awarded Alumni of the Year 2023.

Each year, Linköping University selects two remarkable individuals as Alumni of the Year to recognize the work and commitment of previous students. In a ceremony held at Studenthuset, the university celebrated the achievements of Amanda Borneke and Leif Nixon, both former students of Linköping University.

Amanda Borneke, a graduate of Liu’s Programme in Environmental Science was awarded for her contributions to the construction industry. 

“This award isn’t only for me, but for all environmental scientists,” she says.

She has been actively engaged in transforming the construction sector towards a greener future. At Sweco, where she has been employed since 2021, she focuses on innovative approaches to revolutionize the industry. Her future vision includes a shift towards a circular economy, where materials used in construction can be recycled and repurposed sustainably, possibly through subscription-based models.

Leif Nixon was recognized for his exceptional work in the field of cybersecurity, being a part of safeguarding the digital frontiers of Sweden. His journey into IT security began in the 1990s when his computer fell victim to hacking.  Since then, Leif has dedicated his career to identifying vulnerabilities and bringing cybercriminals to justice. Currently serving as a security expert at Combitech in Linköping, he continues to be at the forefront of the cybersecurity landscape, and will talk more about it on Science Park by Night on October 26th!

To be chosen as Alumni of the Year, the candidate must have studied at Linköping University for at least two years on a full-time basis and subsequently achieved highly, devoted her- or himself to an important cause, or done something else worthy of recognition.