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Innovations in smart manufacturing are necessary to meet the evolving demands of a rapidly changing global market. These advancements enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, and automation. At IndX, our corporate partners are eager to discover the latest innovations in smart manufacturing!

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Saab produces defense systems and have a very broad portfolio. The extremely fast technology development drives Saab to seek alternative technologies for their solutions. Some focus areas are; AI technologies for production, design and in products (in particular for autonomous behavior), sensor technologies, efficient filtering of large amounts of sensor data, smart materials, additive Manufacturing and automated production solutions.

Toyota Material Handling

At Toyota Material Handling, we aim to scale up manufacturing to meet the growing demand for our forklifts. Producing a forklift involves numerous processes that require efficient monitoring and seamless integration.
Our goal is to connect all manufacturing assets, collect comprehensive data, and visualize it to optimize our operations further. We are looking for smart solutions that can help us on that journey.

Husqvarna Group

At Husqvarna Group we already have a high degree of automation with vision-based solutions leveraging AI. We now seek to advance further by incorporating new solutions that utilize other senses, such as sound and time series data from our production plants. These solutions must be cost-effective and compatible with our existing systems.


Väderstad produces machines for agriculture, and our operators are at the center of our processes, thus it is important that they have the right materials and tools at the right place at the right time. Due to the large size of our products, our assembly lines must maintain a consistent width, resulting in a significant distance between operators and their materials.
We aim to find innovative ways to help position materials and tools closer to our operators to enhance efficiency and improve the work environment. Additionally, we spend considerable time on masking and demasking before painting. Solutions helping us automate or totally eliminate this process would significantly boost our efficiency.

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