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Discussing equality and how to build an attractive brand to reach the younger generation

The Reverse Mentorship Program is back for another year, and we’re looking for enthusiastic students and companies to take the lead. Malin Modorato and Conny Eriksson share their learnings from last year and why companies and students should take the chance to participate!

The Reverse mentorship program is a part of the Brilliant Mentors of the Future project that flips the script, allowing younger talents to become mentors for experienced professionals in organizations. This unique initiative connects companies in Linköping with students and is administered by Linköping Science Park and Linköpings kommun.

Reversed mentorship is a concept that takes a twist on traditional mentorship where more experienced people share their knowledge and support with a younger person. The key concept of reverse mentoring is exactly what it sounds like – reversed. The younger talent takes on the role as a mentor for the more senior person within an organization.

Bringing new knowledge and insights

We interviewed one of last year’s mentors and mentees: Malin Modorato and Conny Eriksson who shared their experiences about the program. 

“We learned quite early on that we wanted to talk about equality and equity in the tech industry. There’s a need to recruit people with different backgrounds and I as a female student also believe that it is really important to talk about these questions together,” says Malin Modorato, a student in Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Conny Eriksson, Development Manager at Infor says that he received a very long list with feedback from Malin, that he will look over together with different departments at Infor.

“I’ve learned many things from this program that I’ll take with me to my company. Some things that we do are too anonymous, and sometimes we do things that we believe are great but don’t reach our audience. We need to realize that we have work to do and improve ourselves to create more brand awareness and attract the younger generation,” he says.

Time to apply for the next round of Brilliant Mentors of the Future

We believe that no matter how many years you have worked, you are always in need of developing and learning new things. Being a part of the Reversed Mentorship Program helps you challenge your thought patterns and think in different directions. As a student, you learn how to mentor someone who has worked longer than you and to teach somebody else within your specialized area.

Now it’s your turn to take on the role of mentor or mentee in the next round of Brilliant Mentors of the Future 2023/2024. Click here to read more and apply!