Linköping Science Park has released a new video showcasing its vibrant ecosystem, featuring insights from companies like ACTIA Nordic, Sectra Communications, Nira Dynamics, and Epishine. In this article, we dive into the video’s key takeaways and explore how Linköping Science Park has evolved over the last 40 years.

Since its inception in 1984, Linköping Science Park has been a beacon of innovation. It all began with the establishment of a handful of research and technology companies within the Mjärdevi area, strategically located near Linköping University. Today, four decades later, Linköping Science Park has grown into a leading business hub, gathering over 600 tech companies with more than 7000 employees in total.


The Park is a place where industry, academia, and civil society meet to tackle tomorrow’s challenges in a creative and strategic way.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of success here. Whether it’s through formal clusters focused on artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), or cybersecurity, or simply through informal exchanges between companies, the spirit of cooperation is palpable.

By sharing know-how and best practices, companies grow together, creating a ripple effect of progress for the entire community.

Attracting global talent to a local business ecosystem
Linköping, a winner of the European Capital of Innovation Awards in 2023, is among Sweden’s fastest-growing cities. The development is driven, in part, by its vibrant tech scene. But with rapid growth comes challenges.

One of the biggest hurdles facing companies in the Science Park today is the scarcity of talent and the need for up- and reskilling. Recognizing this, initiatives like Switch to Sweden are connecting international students with companies through innovative matchmaking, ensuring that the right talent finds its way to the right place.

For businesses operating in Linköping Science Park, the tech hub in Mjärdevi offers a wealth of possibilities. According to Christian Sahlén, CEO at ACTIA Nordic, what makes Mjärdevi unique is its international flair. This means access to world-class, high-technical expertise.

Magnus Skogberg, CEO at Sectra Communications, emphasizes the important role Linköping Science Park plays in attracting talents and the possibilities for collaboration with other growing tech companies in the Park, which helps to bring their work to the next level.

Nira Dynamics, another tech company nestled in the heart of Mjärdevi, is committed to nurturing top-tier talent. The company’s CEO, Lisa Åbom, recognizes Linköping as an ideal environment for cultivating excellence, thanks in part to the presence of the University and the Science Park itself.

At the intersection of science and industry
The ties between science and industry have always been strong in Linköping Science Park. Epishine’s journey epitomizes this symbiotic relationship between business and academia.

Anna Björklou, CEO at Epishine, explains how Epishine, a company founded at Linköping University, found its footing with the support of the LEAD incubator program. This nurturing environment provided the essential resources and guidance needed for Epishine to thrive during its startup phase.

By leveraging Linköping Science Park’s ecosystem of innovation and collaboration, companies like Epishine can transform academic research into real-world solutions.

Supporting the brilliant minds of the future
What started as a group of pioneering individuals, driven by a shared passion for discovery and progress, has turned into a vibrant ecosystem of companies working together to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Staying true to its mission of supporting the brilliant minds of the future, Linköping Science Park is not only helping the local business community thrive but is also nurturing talent from a young age. From coding summer camps to programs for high school students and collaboration with Linköping University, investing in the innovators of tomorrow is a top priority.

According to Lena Miranda, CEO at Linköping Science Park, it’s the entrepreneurs, pioneers, and passionate people that make the difference. And Linköping Science Park is working hard to help them prosper. After all, it’s these ambitious individuals who will drive the change society so desperately needs.

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