IndX2020 brought forward five new collaborations between startups and the partner companies, one of them being between Väderstad and the startup T&S Engineering Intelligence. We talked with Axel who is the CEO of T&S a couple of months ago, but this time we met with Markus Zwörner who works at Väderstad. His role is in the product development field, specifically geometry assurance. 

– The partnership with T&S has been great. They have an understanding of the potential in their technology and are driven to succeed in their task.

The project consists of an AI reviewer that is able to examine design drawings. The hope for the future is that the AI reviewer will be able to assist the control of the drawings in greater occurrence, which will optimize the efficiency but also the quality. 

– It is easy for a human to get lost in the details and therefore miss something, however a robot does not have those faults which will strengthen the quality. As well as the efficiency, since it goes much faster for an AI to scan through the drawings than for a human. 

The partnership is not over yet and the hope is to keep developing this technology.

– They (T&S) have proved that their technology works in small numbers, so we don’t see the problem with also succeeding in bigger numbers, Markus explains. 

Working together with startups is one way for companies to keep up with the development of technology and a way to secure the future for bigger companies. Startups are more likely to try roads that have not been taken before, says Markus. 

– It is interesting to work with startups. There are loads of very good startups out there that should be recognised for their work. 

IndX has an element of surprise to it which Markus finds exciting. He also states that combining different technologies together is what brings out new abilities. For this year’s IndX, Markus is hoping for more innovative solutions for his field of work.

– I’ve seen a lot in the field of product development but I’ve not seen it all, he laughs. 

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