IndX 2021

IndX2021 is a unique collaboration between four of the largest global industrial companies in East Sweden. Saab, Siemens Energy, Toyota Material Handling, and Väderstad partner with Linköping Science Park in the search for new innovative ideas and startups within emerging technologies.

IndX2020 we had over 70 applications from startups all over the world. Out of them 10 were selected to proceed and pitch to the partner companies. As a result five of these startups are, right now, working together with the partner companies in Proof of Concept- projects. Read more about IndX2020 here!

What is it?

IndX2021 is an online event that brings four industry giants from East Sweden; Saab, Siemens Energy, Toyota Material Handling, and Väderstad AB, together with new talents from startups and other innovative companies . Your startup will get the chance to pitch your ideas and workshop together with the Research & Development staff- departments of the partner companies.

The partner companies will choose areas for IndX2021 that will be disclosed on june 2nd.

A mix of small and big companies in our local area creates a stable market that attracts both talent and companies. IndX2020 is the catalyst where we all come together around concrete and current challenges. – Torbjörn Kvist, Technology & Innovation Management
Business Area Aeronautics, Saab

Who can take part?

Any startup or small company with a dedicated team and innovations within the partners’ interest area. You can participate from anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

It’s all really easy. You apply by filling out a simple form. The application period for 2021 will start June 2nd.  After the applications representatives from the partner companies will select a group of startups out of all the applicants. You will get feedback on your application within two weeks’ time. The selected startups will be called to a filming session where we will record your pitch. If you live far away you will receive instructions on how to record the pitch by yourselves.

The next step is a Digital Pitch event where all participating startups will display their pitch films and have q&a’s along with representatives from Saab, Väderstad AB, Toyota Material Handling, and Siemens Energy.

After the Digital Pitch event, the staff at the respective partner companies will work up ideas from your pitches. One idea can involve several of the partner companies and several of the participating startups.

The next and final step is the main event, the POC day where all partners and startups will workshop together to select the final ideas that will be realized into POC´s (Proof of Concept).

IndX the Conference

IndX the Conference is an annual event where we share experiences and results of the IndX process and last years PoC’s are presented. We hear from the participating startups, employees of the partner companies and discuss future positioning and challenges.

Important Dates

Launch of IndX2021 June 2nd

Applications open June 2nd

Applications close August 31st

Pitch Day October 4th

POC Day October 27th

IndX2020 is facilitated by Linköping Science Park