• NO ONE WANTS to work with poor communication tools or platforms that are devoid of content. Think about how you communicate with each other – before you start doing it.
  • NO FIREBRAND, NO COMMUNITY. Someone needs the passion to drive it. Or rather, someones. More is better.
  • BEST NOT INVOLVE MONEY. It’s easier to build on people’s intrinsic motivation.
  • AVOID DOING WHAT FEELS RIGHT. Make sure you always know and understand what people want and need.
  • DO YOU WANT STATUTES AND DOCUMENTS? Then maybe an association is a more suitable option.
  • NO ONE LIKES BEING SPUN AROUND, so take small steps in the dance of change. And make sure that the members of the community are involved in choreographing what needs changing – and why.
  • DON’T SIT BACK ONCE THINGS GET ROLLING. Needs and people change all the time. A community is a fluid thing, and requires constant attention and continual adjustment.
  • DON’T FLOG A DEAD HORSE. Be prepared to wind down the community when there’s no longer the need or the commitment for it.

Anna Broeders

Community & Employer Branding Manager
+46(0)725-74 37 00