When we build our common future, we must be guided by two principles: the sense of belonging and the will to contribute and share responsibility. Only then can we deal with the global challenges and ensure growth – ecological and social as well as economical.

Where do you belong? Do you want to create a context for your particular interest? Maybe it’s programming, how tech can be used to develop the world, or perhaps it´s running. Linköping Science park gives you the tools to create your Community. We can support you with a venue, communication, and education. You focus on the issues that engage you and the people in your Community.

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Community as a service

Anna Broeders

Community & Employer Branding Manager


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Community – how to build a win-win collective

From events for teenagers to government initiatives and collaborations involving some of Sweden’s largest companies. They all use the same tools to give people a greater sense of meaning and things to rally around – communities.

Download the book Community – how to build a win-win collective bellow.

This book from Linköping Science park explains what makes communities strong and how to create a win-win collective. It’s a book for anyone wishing to understand more about tomorrow’s leadership and about building attractive places and organizations.

Download the book here.

If you want a printed copy please order the book from Linköping Science Park. The cost is SEK 199 each, excluding VAT. The money goes in full to finance next summer’s Code Summer Camp – The science park’s initiative to learn children how to code.

Contact Anna Broeders to order the book.