In Sweden, innovative ideas flourish, and entrepreneurs work tirelessly to realise their visions. But which startups are the most promising in 2024? Breakit has taken a deep dive into young Swedish tech companies connected to Swedish incubators – and unearthed the gems from north to south. Of the 56 most promising, three are at our incubator LEAD.

Synclai Vision

Synclair Vision develops advanced camera systems (drones) for unmanned autonomous vehicles. It was founded by six students at Linköping University. They are currently working alongside our visualisation and image analysis cluster Visual Sweden, SSRS and Almi.


Adly develops a platform for implementing scalable campaigns in collaboration with influencers on streaming services such as Facebook Gaming, YouTube and Twitch. Through the platform, brands will run campaigns with dynamic ads that improve the viewing experience for 720M consumers worldwide.

  • Industry: SaaS, marketplace.
  • Capital raised: SEK 500,000.
  • Valuation: SEK 8.3 million.
  • Founders and investors: Gustav Jörneskog (CEO), Fredrik Jörneskog, Hampus Forsling, Fredrik Nyman.
  • Contact details:
  • Webb:

Nano Textile Solutions

Nano Textile Solutions challenges traditional textile production methods and enables a single product to be compatible with several sizes. The company works much like a tailor, but the difference is that it is done digitally for a large-scale industrialised process. Each garment can be adjusted between small, medium and large sizes at the touch of a button. Consumers can thus adapt to the exact body size for more prolonged use. Has applied for and received a patent for the technology. Customers include the horse brand Hööks, where they are developing a riding boot.

  • Industry: Deeptech.
  • Capital raised: SEK 10 million.
  • Valuation: SEK 49 million.
  • Founder and CEO: Sam Issa.
  • Investors: The founder owns 75 per cent. Other owners include Entreprenör Invest (the Kamprad family foundation), Nordiska Designkontoret, KG Equity Partners and the University of Borås.
  • Contact details:

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