Combitech’s development department in Norrköping has 30+ years of experience in microwave development. Christoffer Eek, who leads the department, will talk and demonstrate the benefits of the new transistor technology (Solid State Technology) and how it will revolutionize the way we cook. A well-known manufacturer is currently rolling out a marketing campaign for their product using this technology. But is it really possible to cook a fish inside a fish block without the ice melting? If so, how does it work? Christoffer will also talk about the latest research projects in industrial microwave heating – is it possible to heat asphalt with microwaves? A technology that, when fully implemented, means that Sweden’s carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 1%.

At Tech Tuesday, you got to know more about the latest techniques and trends that the companies in Linköping Science Park are working with. Join us for a lunch and expand your knowledge!Tech Tuesday is a collaboration between Ericsson, Combitech, Sectra, SICK IVP and Nira Dynamics.This livestream is possible thanks to the supporting partners of Creactive: Ericsson Linköpings kommun Combitech Sectra Cybercom Group Nira Dynamics Toyota Material Handling Sankt Kors Visual Sweden